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MK Mobile Labs

Metal-free, adjustable & customized

Money and space are a limiting factor in many areas of research. MK Versuchsanlagen und Laborbedarf e.K., manufacturer of customized special systems and equipment, has developed a solution: MK Versuchsanlagen develops, designs and installs complete metal-free cleanrooms and laboratories in mobile containers. A system with numerous advantages for the user, because the areas of application in research and production, which are in use worldwide, are numerous.

Rapid deployment

The MK Mobile Lab can usually be set up as a temporary or mobile building and is therefore not subject to the comprehensive official regulations of a new building.

Safety aspects

The use of mobile cleanroom solutions enables an individual approach to safety issues. If special safety precautions are required, such as for research in the field of nanotechnology or biohazardous substances, these can be implemented quickly and directly.

Mobility and flexibility

MK Mobile Labs make it possible to transport the cleanroom to different locations. This is particularly advantageous for research projects that are carried out at different locations.


The metal-free laboratories can be individually adapted and converted according to the needs of the users.

Application example:
Metal-free seaworthy MK Mobile Lab on “Polarstern” research vessel

A standard sea container as a metal-free cleanroom according to DIN EN ISO 14644, integrated HVAC system and HEPA filtration. Completely autarc. The MK Mobile Lab contains an ultrapure water extraction unit and ultraclean workstations

Der deutsche Forschungseisbrecher Polarstern treibt für Forschungsarbeiten über dem Bereich der ‘Aurora’ Hydrothermalquellen am Westlichen Gakkel Rücken bei ca. 82¡53’N und 6¡15’W. Foto von der Polarstern-Arktis-Expedition AURORA (PS86); Sie war der Untersuchung von geophysikalischen, geologischen, geochemischen und biologischen Prozessen an Hydrothermalquellen des Gakkelrückens gewidmet.