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Efficient solutions for your cleanroom 

About MK

Efficient solutions for your cleanroom

MK constructs and manufactures laboratory systems, made of modern plastics or other material, for the use in different faculties of technical colleges (FH, TH) and universities as well as in private research institutes and industrial testing plants.

Our philosophy, to provide problem-oriented solutions to the customer, is achieved by planning, constructing and manufacturing all testing plants in close cooperation with our customers. We provide you with expert support and give professional advice on how to solve your specific problems. Due to our corporate structure we are able to work cost-efficiently. Our testing plants are reliable and due to their user-related construction easy to use in daily handling.

Worldwide, research institutes and industrial companies in the field of climate research, geology, mineralogy, planetology, volcanology and for reconnaissance of mineral resources and rating of workability, are ranked among our main customers. Additionally our plants will be found in the field of medical ultra-trace analytics.

Furthermore we number manufacturers of filling plants and of isolators among our customers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry as end customer of itself. According to our product leadership we reckon the worldwide leading pharmaceutical companies among our customers.

All our products are manufactured in-house and are subjected to continuous control during the production process.

We provide modern workplaces so as to guarantee highest quality standard.